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COVID-19 Update

Your health and safety are our top priority. As of June 1, 2020, our clinic remains open, and we continue to see new and existing patients as usual. PT is considered an essential service, so we will remain open and continue to serve the needs of our patients.

We are closely monitoring the capacity of our clinic due to COVID-19, and will make adjustments as needed to ensure our ability to meet the needs of those who come to us for care, while maintaining a safe social distance.

Additional steps our clinic is taking to address Covid-19:

Our daily cleaning procedures are extremely thorough and comprehensive, but given the current situation, we are expanding our protocols in an effort to keep our facility safe for all patients and staff. We have increased the cleaning schedules of our current staff to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces and equipment regularly throughout the day.

We are also requesting all staff and patients refrain from accessing the clinic when ill and to notify us if they've been in contact with anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.


Required screening and masking:

For the safety of all, approved patients and visitors must pass a health screening, to be performed at our office, including a temperature check and always wear an approved mask in our facility. Patients and visitors with an unapproved mask will be given an approved mask to wear while in our office. Unapproved masks include (but are not limited to) bandanas, masks with valves and neck gaiters. Only one visitor is allowed to accompany patients, when necessary.


Thank you for your understanding and support in helping to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.

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